28th of July 2014

Compuphonic "O Cypres"


Compuphonic aka Maxim Firket is a multifaceted producer and DJ from Liège, Belgium, who was raised on a well-balanced diet of classical music, early electronics and industrial variants from Kraftwerk to Front 242, and the revolutionary soundwave that swept over from Detroit, Michigan.


Hence, Maxim did not only grow up to become a skillful violoncellist, but also a producer with a unique approach, blending his various sources of inspiration into one intelligent mix of old-school electro, house and minimal stylings. So far he has released on imprints such as Dirty Dancing, Tiga’s Turbo, Get Physical and Exploited.

His ’Radio Atlantis’ release on Exploited got praise all over the place, was big in the Beatport Charts and still is on heavy rotation at Radio Studio Brussel. ’O Cypres’ is his magnificent follow up on Exploited. Enjoy.


Co-published by Edition Exploited / Highscore Publishing and Search for Opals.




2nd of June 2014

Sirens Of Lesbos "Long Days, Hot Nights"

«So they spoke, sending forth their beautiful voice, and my heart desired to listen, and I commanded my comrades to free me…» But they didn’t. Still, even Odysseus, Homer’s epic hero, could not resist the tempting chant of the two sirens that sat on the island he and his fellows had to pass by. In this way, Homer’s Apologue warns us about the irresistible and therefore dangerous power of music. Believe it or not, Sirens Of Lesbos’ first release «Long Days, Hot Nights» makes Homer’s warning come true.

Timeless, pitched down vocals and a warm, lush, lulling and satisfied piano tell the tale of a place where the boundaries between reality and fantasy become blurred and where space and time lose their purpose – a place to get lost in. Maybe Homer was right and music is a dangerous thing. Be that as it may, Sirens Of Lesbos’ «Long Days, Hot Nights» makes danger feel pretty awesome. Out soon!


Co-published by Edition Exploited / Highscore Publishing and Sony/ATV, EMI Music Publishing.