21st of February 2020

DJ Havaiana "Cazukuta" (Daniel Haaksman Edit)

Angola has long been a hot bed for musical innovation. Of couse, immediately kuduro comes to mind when there´s talk about electronic dance music from Angola and the South Western part of the giant continent. But besides kuduro, Angola also birthed a bastard child of kuduro and afro house, called ku house, which was especially popular in the early 2010´s. This relatively obscure term describes tracks that have house tempo, yet the triplety, off-beatish percussion groove of kuduro.

One of the biggest ku house anthems is DJ Havaiana´s “Cazukuta”, originally released in 2012. It immediately became a staple in the Angolan club scene. Soon picked up by Angolan Kuduro MC Francis Boy, the catchy synth line and the irrestible beat morphed into the backing track for the song “Itocota” which became a major success in Portuguese speaking Africa, as well as Portugal.

When DJing in Angola in 2013, Daniel Haaksman randomly picked up the DJ Havaiana instrumental version of “Itocota” and began to play it out in his DJ mixes, always gathering enthusastic responses about the track. Produced on very basic home studio equipment with a modes sound, the original instrumental was confined to mixtape use only. Only 2019 Daniel found out that DJ Havaiana was on Soundcloud and contacted him via Whatsapp to ask whether Havaiana had still the stems for “Cazukuta” as Daniel would´ve loved to mix and arrange it in better sound quality. Luckily, Havaiana kept the beatless mix of “Cazukuta” and sent it to Daniel.

The result is here. “Cazukuta – Daniel Haaksman Edit”, a highly fascinating club track that both combines the innovations of Angolan dance sounds as well as an early Detroit vibe. It´s the perfect in between tune.

“Cazukuta” is a word in the regional Angolan language Quimbundo meaning confusion, clutter, turmoil. It’s also the name of a dance style from Angola. This dance is often showcased during the street Carnival parades or carnival related festivities.  Cazukuta as a genre is a heavier semba, played during the carnival, with many instruments similar to the Brasilian samba school ensemble.

Now dive into this fantastic track and play it out!




21st of November 2019

Ckrono "Caramela" ft. MC Ninjinho

Ckrono has been Italy´s most innovative tropical bass producers for years. Formerly based in the beautiful city of Florence, together with his former partner Slesh, Ckrono first dabbed in dancehall and tropical vibes. When he moved to Milan in 2017, he soon kicked off “Balera Favela” now easily the biggest tropical bass night in Italy attracting up to 1.500 visitors for each event.

At “Balera Favela” Ckrono forged his passion for baile funk, inviting artists such as Omulu, Deize Tigrona, Marginal Men or Lazy Flow amongst others. Early 2019, together with Milan producer Mace, he released “Vroom Vrau” ft. São Paulo´s MC Bin Laden on Diplo´s Mad Decent label. Soon after, Ckrono played festivals such as Splash (Germany) and clubs across Europe.

Now Ckrono presents his debut single on Man Recordings and it features Florence based MC Ninjinho. We can proudly say that we are pioneering another step in the evolution of baile funk: This is the first official baile funk tune sung entirely in Italian! Ckrono is connecting the dots here, in early baile funk from the late 90s to the early 00s there were often samples used from Mafia movies, especially the tarantela melodies of Southern Italy.

Ckrono teamed up with MC Ninjinho to create “Caramela”.The catchy lyrics portray both children´s favourite sweets but could also be digested in an adult double meaning as marijuana as well as sex. Everybody wants some "Caramela" sometime! Ninjino´s singing in Florentine accent, which almost naturally refers to Brazilian street Portuguese, thus creating a linguistic bridge that amplifies the connection with the motherland of funk

“Caramela” comes with a club friendly mix and and a dub version of the club mix.





22nd of August 2019

Daniel Haaksman "City Life" ft. Paul St. Hilaire

The fourth single release from Daniel Haaksman's acclaimed “With Love, From Berlin” album presents a collaboration with legendary Dominican singer and MC Paul St.Hilaire. In “City Life” Hilaire reflects on the sounds and pleasure of living in a large metropolis. 

Paul St.Hilaire soon became a renowned artist under his moniker Tikiman after moving to Berlin in the 1990s. It was his soulful yet dynamic voice that became the trademark vocal of the electronic reggae project Rhythm n Sound. Launched by Berlin techno pioneers Moritz Von Oswald und Mark Ernestus (of Basic Channel fame) in the late 1990s, the project as well as its label Burial Mix became a staple in the world of electronica and the bass continuum. As Daniel Haaksman's album “With Love, From Berlin” is featuring collaborations with international artists residing in Berlin, Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman was on top of Daniel's wish list of collaborators. 

The “City Life” single features a dub version by UK´s #1 echo chamber engineer, the legendary Mad Professor. He dubbed out the many musical parts of “City Life” into a trademark Mad Professor dub.





12th of July 2019

She´s Drunk "Lush EP"

French born producer, DJ and nature lover David Monnin, a.k.a. She´s Drunk has recently risen to be one of the most exciting new producer residing in Berlin. His unique approach to beatmaking has raised the attention of numerous artists and DJs across a wide spectrum. After a handful EPs and remixes released in the past years, She´s Drunk underground hit “Amadoda” ft. South African super star Sho Madjozi kicked off his international rise, ensuing single releases on Berlin´s Through My Speakers label and a recent collaboration with Daniel Haaksman + Kalaf on “Occupy Berlin” further causing enthusiastic responses.

Now She´s Drunk releases his debut release on Man Recordings that quite likely will further push his global reputation. The “Lush EP” is packaged in a lush green, displaying some of his carefully grown tropical plants, the humidity they´re producing and the presence they´re radiating in She´s Drunk studio have a direct influence on the equipment that She´s Drunk using. An organic, yet unique electronic texture is created, resulting for this EP in two tracks that show the polymath approach of She´s Drunk when it comes to music making: Here are meticously crafted beats, surprising vocal approaches and a very sensitive feeling for sounds and fabrics.


“Hayatna” feat. Outsider feels like one of these moments where the universe is taking decisions for you. She´s Drunk initially was supposed to record vocals with an r&b singer but it didn't work out for some reasons. This very singer redirected him to another vocalist who turned out to record something great in a language that sounds fantastic to him: Arabic.”Hayatna” is a song that talks about the the way we live our lives which is not always what we really wish.

“Bae” is all about emotional lessons, these kind of moments where you feel a pleasant or unpleasant emotion taking over your mind and body and without judging it, you manage to observe it in order to understand the true nature of it, using it to grow from it. On a side note it's a track full of hidden field recordings from She´s Drunk daily life as well as some unexpected melodies like autotuned meowing cats that you can hear in the second half of the track.



24th of May 2019

Daniel Haaksman "Corpo / Sujeito" ft. Cibelle


Taken from the Daniel Haaksman album "With Love, From Berlin", out on Man Recordings

18th of January 2019

Daniel Haaksman "La Anoranza" ft. Coco Maria, Dengue Dengue Dengue + Ori Kaplan

"La Añoranza" by Daniel Haaksman is a collaboration track with Berlin based artists such as Coco Maria (Mexico), Dengue Dengue Dengue (Peru) and Ori Kaplan (Israel). Featuring a heavy bass kizomba beat, the trademark flute of Ori Kaplan (Balkan Beat Box) and the sweet voice of Coco Maria, the soothing song reflects on homesickness.


The collaboration emerged when Daniel met Berlin based Mexican DJ Coco Maria and suggested she should sing on a beat that Daniel made with Ori on flute. A debut singer, Maria came to the studio and immediately came up with the idea on singing about homesickness, a feeling that many expats living in Berlin occasionally endure. Daniel then asked Dengue Dengue Dengue to add some additional synths and ready was the very catchy "La Añoranza".


The additional, cumbia influenced remix is by Belém up- and coming talent Will Love, originally from tecno brega super group Gang Do Eletro. The remix fuses cumbia with North East Brazilian vibes. Released on Man Recordings



14th of December 2018

Lua Preta "Cabeça Na Lua"

 Based in the Western Polish city of Poznan, Lua Preta are consisting of vocalist and MC Ms. Gia of Angolan descent, and Polish DJ and producer Mentalcut. Together they bring a frenetic mixture of futuristic electronic music and African genres. Their 2016's debut single “Melhor Vai Embora” strongly marked their presence in the scene of African infused club music which led to their first EP  “Emoçoes Coloridas”. Their fresh and unique sound led to 2018 being their breakthrough year with their biggest hit up to date being released ('Quero Mais' featuring Lesotho's Morena Leraba), their first official video being shot entirely in Lisbon and a round of live appearances on festivals and club shows across Europe.

With their debut release on Man Recordings, additional produced by label-boss Daniel Haaksman, Lua Preta move another step forward. Titled “Head On The Moon” this EP features two new tracks. “Cabeça Na Lua” is a heavy hitting, broken beat meets UK funky afro tune reflecting on the need to continue the fight for political and social justice in these grim political times. “Passado” ft. Kevin is a samba and African percussion inspired tune ft. Ms.Gia´s brother Kevin on additional vocals, perfect for maximum club excitement.