Mar 15 2014

Banda Westfalica "Versions Remixes"

The 2013 release of the debut EP of the student percussion ensemble Banda Westfalica from the German city of Bünde, North-Rhine-Westphalia, was an unusual release for Man Recordings. Here were some musicians that would play tropical music exclusively acoustically, focussing on unearthing the rhythmic and melodic structure of originally electronically produced songs from the Man Recordings catalogue which originally would tear clubs apart.


Banda Westfalica layed bare the soul of tracks such as “Carimbo” or “Tulum” by Schlachthofbronx, “K Le Pasa” by El Dusty, “El Toro” by Beware + Motorpitch, “Hands Up” by Daniel Haaksman or “Cartagenera” by Dutch Rhythm Combo. The versions on Banda Westfalica´s EP displayed a musicality that was buried deep inside those club bangers – and surprised many. “Versions Remixes” now brings the acoustic versions back to the club.

Banda Westfalica
Banda Westfalica

Teased with the rhythm tracks and dope stems of Banda Westfalica´s 2m-sized Marimba, we asked a handful of hot and upcoming remixers such as Castro, Criolina, Chong-X, Danilo, Alma Negra, Doblhoff & Wiesflecker, Motin and Johnny 500 (a.k.a. Gijs Scheeringa) to re-work the Banda Westfalica versions.

The results are stunning, from zouk bass (Danilo) to trap (Johnny 500) to Afro beat inspirations (Doblhoff & Wiessflecker, Alma Negra) to tropical bass (Motin) to finally electronica tuned vibes (Castro UK and Criolina) there´s a vast sonic range in the set of remixes. Many of the remixers are new names on the block, but all proved their skills masterfully. So here´s Banda Westfalica´s “Versions Remixes”.

Free Download of "K Le Pasa (Motin Remix)" here

Mar 13 2014

Isis Salam ft. Kruse and Nuernberg "Let Go"

Coming soon on Exploited Records: Isis Salam ft. Kruse and Nuernberg. "Let Go" is a Hip House Garage gem with the vocals of Berlin based Isis Salam. More soon here.

"Let Go" is co-published by Edition Exploited/Highscore Publishing.




Feb 19 2014

Homework "The Way I See It"

Even though 2013 saw Tom and Zip, the duo better known as Homework, take over their beloved home turf of the Netherlands and the rest of Europe – playing an insane amount of summer festivals and club gigs – it also saw the two hit a bit of a dry patch production wise. Thankfully that period is behind them and they’re back on Exploited with a vengeance.


The two tracks on this new single, although very different in nature, can best be defined as an excursion into moody yet poppy territory. A path the musical chameleons have not previously explored. The first track, ‘The Way I See It’, has been described by the twosome as an ode to their affinity for 80’s synth pop from the likes of Depeche Mode, The Human League and The Cure. Both a slow burner and a unquestionable club track the first real ‘song’ from the two Dutchmen features lyrics and vocals by an up and coming talent from Holland, Bea Anubis, whose lush singing voice can also be heard on Alex Barck’s (Jazzanova) 2013 solo album Reunion.

‘The Grind’, the down tempo 78BPM B-side, goes hand in hand with it’s A-side counterpart but is nonetheless in an entirely different ball park. It’s the answer to what would happen if an East Coast hip-hop producer shook hands with an analog synth-obsessed lunatic. At times repressed and introverted it’s an intimate jam full of small details that infuses the listener with a sense of summery yet melancholic nostalgia. A theme Homework has been known to indulge in.


Published by Edition Exploited / Highscore Publishing.




Feb 04 2014

Out Soon: Claptone "Ghost"

New Claptone Single "Ghost" on Exploited features NYC Band "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah"!

Video will be premiered this week and just has been shot in the woods of Sweden.
The upcoming single by Claptone will be released February 10th on Beatport and March 10th on all other platforms.

Multiple plays by Pete Tong on his BBC Radio 1 show over the last 3 weeks. 
Early feedback by Arthur Baker, The Magician, The Rapture, Digitalism, Riva Starr, Bonde do Role, Oliver Koletzki, Tensnake, Digitalism and many more.

"Claptone is a man of mystery. Of course there are countless anonymous DJs hiding behind everything from angry-face cardboard boxes to giant cassette tapes. But Claptone takes the enigma game to the next level—not only does he flit around in a gold, pointy bird mask straight out of G-Force: Guardians of Space, he also claims to embed an entire "universe of secrets" into his sounds. Not sure what that means... maybe spectogram images a la Aphex Twin? Also, in an interview from earlier last year, he said certifiably batshit stuff like, “Over the years I’ve learned to affect every being on earth and to synchronize the noises and sounds (they produce). With my magic wand I now bring to life a universal orchestra and direct the world’s unique soundtrack.” Which is… awesome?" (Vice Thump)

"Ghost" is co-Published by Edition Exploited / Highscore Publishing.




Dec 02 2013

Dino Lenny "I'm Coming Home"

We're happy to announce the second single of Dino Lenny on Exploited Records which comes with an acid techno twist by James Welsh and a remix by chart-climbers Purple Disco Machine. Published by Edition Exploited / Highscore Publishing.




Oct 15 2013

Daniel Haaksman "Toma Que Toma"

With “Toma Que Toma” Europe´s Nr.1 baile funk lover, Daniel Haaksman, returns with a club bomb that is hardly resistable. With an accordeon sound nicked from a Tarantela tune off a Spaghetti Western soundtrack, plus the trademark 808 snare roll of baile funk and the demand to “Toma Que Toma”, this track will not only be moving bundas to the ground, but packing dancefloors alike.


“Toma Que Toma” is a ubiquious saying in both Spanish and Portuguese language and was often sampled by Rio funk producers. It literally translates to “Get you some” or “Take the take” or “Drink for drink”.

Besides the party-blowing original mix, the single comes with an A1 pack of currently much hyped remixers. The remixes are kicked off by Bot, formerly of Crookers fame and now part of the Main Course collective alongside Astronomar and Neoteric, who went Jersey club style with his version of “Toma Que Toma”.


Super hot Italian stallions, Milangeles, shaped Haaksman´s tune into their trademark juke-meets-polka bounce flavour. Then it's São Paulo´s trap dons Tropkillaz who put “Toma Que Toma” on the tropical bass down low. Last but not least, it´s Waldo Squash of Belem´s Gang Do Eletro who dissolved “Toma Que Toma” into a bouncy Tecno Brega remix.


Four sizzling hot remixes, plus an original mix ready to instantly tropicalize any club, and make the crowd go “Toma Que Toma!”

DJ Quotes:

Diplo: “Bigbigbigbigbig!”
Crookers: “Original version is $”
Schlachthofbronx: “Yesyes, accordeon wins!”
So Shifty: “Killer Stuff!”
Boris Dlugosch “Love the original! Full support!”
Mixhell “Amazing remixes by our n*ggaz Bot and Tropkillaz!”

Shir Khan: “Original is great!”
Bert On Beats: “Love the original and Bot remix, must have for all funkheads!”
DJ Sabo: “Original mix and Tropkillaz version for me, thanks!”
Big Dope P: “Milangeles FTW!”"
Douster: “Goood!”




Sep 18 2013

"Wicked Inna Dancehall" by So Shifty in MIGROS spot

We're really happy that we placed "Wicked Inna Dancehall" by So Shifty into this ad by M-Budget, a sub brand of the swiss MIGROS corporation. Big up!


Published by Highscore Publishing.