Please find here a list of some of our writers and producers. Highscore Publishing controls the copyright of more than 1.000 songs. If you want to work with one of those talents, feel free to contact us.




Bert On Beats (Bert Prikenfeld)

Bert on Beats, a.k.a. DJ Critical is the hottest new artist to release on Berlin based label Man Recordings. The Tallinn based DJ elegantly fuses Dubstep with Kuduro beats, establishing a trans-national, hyper-hybrid sound that directs towards the future. With “Suomo” and “Alemão” he released two EP releases on Man Recordings, which created worldwide a strong buzz.


For “Suomo” Bert On Beats collaborated with the Ghanan singer and MC Anbuley, for “Alemão” he worked with São Paulo based baile funk MC Gi – two tracks that illustrate the transglobe music approach from Bert On Beats. His tracks currently get support from world class DJs such as Sinden, Brodinski, Feadz, Foaomo or Douster amongst others.





Bodea (Carl Eckle)

The island boy – even in his young years, Bodea has seen a lot. Born and raised at the tropical shores of Zanzibar/Tanzania the singer and songwriter embraced the beauty of a simple and natural lifestyle in the very first place. Not only causing a deep and lasting desire for this human Utopia but also making him inherit the specific aura of that little charming island.


Leaving the mangos and coconuts behind he started his boyhood world tour at the age of five: first from Yemen to Islamabad/Pakistan where he started taking classical music lessons and therefore set the fundament for his present skills. Next stop: Beijing/China. In his early teenager years Bodea began to teach himself the guitar in the capital of the „Middle Kingdom“, wrote his first lyrics and started rapping. To finish High-School he made it to Germany, where he founded his first band and initiated performing his songs. From tanzanian easy living to german accuracy – he made his way!


After studying Jazz Performance and Composition at the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, USA, he moved to Berlin, Germany. Bodea‘s debut album is in its last stages as he’s putting together a live band. With his style between Soul, Reggae, Tropical and Dancehall the charming island boy has a bright future to come.




Cero39 (Mauricio Alvarez)

CERO39 is Mauricio Alvarez alias “Fredo” from Medellin, Colombia. He names his music “psychedelic electrotropidub”. As the album’s title (“Join the trip”) promises, CERO39 send us on a voyage between time and space and into various sound spheres. CERO39 three special ingredients are dub, electronica and tropical sounds, especially in the form of cumbia. The styles are perfectly combined on the album.

While the album opener “Me encontré con Nicomedes en Paris” and the songs “Morenita” and “Junto al mar” are characterized by dubby basslines, delays and downbeats, “Oie tú”, “Estate Cumbia” and “Camila”, with their moombahton and cumbia digital accents, are great tracks for the dancefloor. The voice of young singer Alexandra Arciniegas stands out in the songs “Bye Bye” and “Vamos”. Her style of singing mixed with the effects is reminiscent of early M.I.A. recordings.

The single “Bye Bye” was  released April 26 2013 along with 5 remixes by moombahton master DJ Sabo, New York’s beat surfer Thornato, Chirrimix Machete all stars, El barba and dub artists liquid Rockz from Hamburg. A full length album was released May 20 2013 on Chusma Records.




Cumbia Cosmonauts (Moses Iten, Thomas Campbell)

The Cumbia Cosmonauts are producers Saca La Mois DJ! and Soup, known for their energetic live shows featuring guest percussionists plus visuals by Phaic VJ, making each performance a unique sonic adventure featuring lasers, synthesizers, surf guitar, Mexican style MCing and plenty of Afro-Colombianpercussion. The music mix is a firework, explosive ghetto bass music meet psychedelic dub and cumbia rhythms.


At the forefront of the growing global phenomena of Digital Cumbia and the club sound of Tropical Bass, the Cumbia Cosmonauts supported Gotan Project, Thievery Corporation and DJ Krush on their recent Australian tours, and regularly play the summer festival circuit. On the back of their 500% Cumbia promotional mixtape the Cumbia Cosmonauts toured Europe in Summer 2010, performing several festivals and club gigs with the likes of Chicha Libre, Munchi and Makossa&Megablast.


In 2011 the debut EP Vostok-1 (Scattermusic) was released. The next EP was "Tribal Amazonico" released on Chusma Records in summer 2012 followed by the debut album "Tropical Bass Station".


Published by Edition Chusma / Highscore Publishing.




Cocolores (Jason Heath, Manuel Gries)

Good looks, great taste and a nice name are three essentials in the music business, and these two gentlemen right here seem to have all of that.

Cocolores is Jason Heath and Manuel Gries, two youngsters from Munich, and they are the latest act to be signed to Berlin Label Exploited Records with a debut EP set to be released in late August.


Their first EP is a blend of 90′s house, with a delectable tinge of urban funkiness. Trust us. This mix will be definitely the top choice for your next house party. Already getting support from Luciano, Laurent Garnier, Joakim, Ewan Pearson, Kasper Bjorke, Friendly Fires and many more.


Published by Edition Exploited/Highscore Publishing.



Croup (Daniel Esser)

Light years ahead of time and 3.800 miles from the birth-country of hip hop, Croup works in his lab in Cologne, Germany and turns sound into gold. Croup makes the most incredbile beats for both German and U.S. artists. His unique and distinct style already gave him global exposure, working with arists such as Curse, Patrice, Supastition, Emilio Rojas, Mr.Mecca and many more.


As a youngster Croup started with both keyboards and drum lessons and played in various bands. Inspired by such producers as The RZA, Madlib, DJ Hi-Tek and J Dilla, Croup taught himself how to flip a sample and to program the hardest drums ever heard on this planet. One would think that the sound and mixing of his beats are wielded in a high-end studio with the best gear around, but according to Croup, all you need is a little inspiration and some insomia to make the real ill music.




Daniel Haaksman

Daniel Haaksman is a Berlin based DJ, producer and music journalist. He runs the label Man Recordings since 2005 and has released the compilations “Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats” which introduced the 21st century sound of Rio De Janeiro to a global audience.


Daniel has released countless remixes, compilations and his own artistic productions on his label Man Recordings on albums such as "Rambazamba" (2011), "African Fabrics" (2016) and "With Love, From Berlin" (2019).




Deize Tigrona (Deize Maria Goncalves Da Silva)

Deize Tigrona is one of Rio de Janeiro’s top female Mcs, notorious for her ability to both sing the subtlest jazz tunes as well as the most lust dripping slack lyrics. As a resident of the infamous Rio community, Deize Tigronas MC skills were forged in the fires of hundreds of funk balls all across Rio over the years.

Already a collaboration-choice for producers like Diplo, Edu K or Buraka Som Sistema, Deize was a first pick for Berlin based producer Jesse Rose on his contribution for the Funk Mundial series on Man Recordings.




Dengue Dengue Dengue

Dengue Dengue Dengue! is an audiovisual duo born in mid-2010 in Lima, Peru and is conformedby Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira, who were already working together on other projects, both aspart of the Peruvian based ‘Colectivo Auxiliar’. The name Dengue Dengue Dengue! comes from aEnrique Lynch’s vinyl, who played a rhythm called “Dengue”.


The project catched from the start and made themselves well known thanks to an impeccable audiovisual show, half dj set and half live, remixing and making mash-ups from their own tracks with old cumbias and modifying cumbia cult themes to electronic versions. All this always joined by amazing visuals and the always present masks.




Dj Chernobyl (Fredi Endres)

Since 1995 Dj Chernobyl has had a profound effect on the direction Brazil’s music scene. He is a pioneer and an influencer and is responsible for bringing Baile Funk (brazilian booty beat) to the world of rock through his band “Comunidade Nin-Jitsu”. Having produced 5 records with “Comunidade Nin-Jitsu”, more than 500gigs and they were the support band of Red Hot Chili Peppers in Brazil (2002). Chernobyl discovered and signed Bonde de Role and produced their album, introduced them to Diplo (who released them on his Mad Decent label) and has produced 8 of the 12 tracks on their album (“With Lasers”), out on Domino Records.




Dj Sandrinho (Sandro Dos Santos Lourenco)

Dj Sandrinho is one of Rio’s brightest young producers. Long time DJ of Mr. Catra, Sandrinho’s skills as a producer were wielded in many many baile funk parties over the years. From Rio to Stockholm, from Paris to Berlin to São Paulo: This 27 year old from the favela of Borel has rocked many parties around the world. Recently, he produced remixes for Gotan Project, Edu K and M.I.A., and his tracks have been included in many compilations like “Favela Chic“ or “Rio Baile Funk More Favela Booty Beats”.






Edu K (Eduardo Martins Dorneles)

Edu K is undoubtedly one of Brazil’s most talented contemporary musicians. From the late Eighties onwards, Edu K has been the singer and front man of seminal Brazilian punk band De Falla.

In 2006 Edu K presented his musical effort, the highly acclaimed “Frenétiko” album on Man Recordings. It was the next level of Edu K’s musical vision in fusing a multitude of highly energetic musical styles into a big new sound. Edu K’s “Frenétiko” album is Brazil’s new millenium answer to the post local, post genre musical era we live in. It’s a high energy mash up of kick ass music that is fresh and unique.

Since the album release Edu K released various singles on Man Recordings containing contributions remixes by Solid Groove, Deize Tigrona, Sinden, Marina (formerly Bonde Do Role) and Crookers to name but a few.




Herve (Joshua Harvey)

Joshua Harvey aka Herve is a producer, song writer and DJ. He has released various 12“s on the label Dubsided, collaborates with Trevor Loveys under the moniker Speakerjunk, releases mellow music as Young Lovers and remixed The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Roisin Murphy and Bloc Party to much acclaim.

For Tamborzuda he teamed up with Sinden and fused speed garage beats – London’s late 90s dominating floor shaking groove – with the alchemy and rave melodies of Rio Baile Funk, spiced with the rhyme skills of Rio MC Thiaguinho.






Homework (Thomas Ooms & Zip Stolk)

If one wonders what the distinct Homework sound is then much is to be found in their past aesthetic representation. When these two youngsters started messing around with turntables, back in 2007, they used to perform in immaculate white shirts and raven black ties. And even though longtime Dutch partners in musical crime Tom Waist and Zip Stolk have left this iconography behind, they still emanate an sense of clear-headed playfulness.

Behind this swagger lies a wide-raging love for contemporary dance music that always comes in handy in the ever changing spheres of house music. Especially now that the genre is turning to ever stranger and/or vintage sources of inspiration with the likes of Round Table Knights, Jesse Rose, Renaissance Man, Claude VonStroke and Mowgli, whom the duo draw much of their inspiration from.


Published by Edition Exploited/Highscore Publishing.





Isis Salam

In 2008 Nigerian born, Toronto raised MC Isis Salam was propelled into the spotlight. Thunderheist, an Electro-Rap duo, brought a singular and radical sound to the electronic music scene that became Isis’ stage. Instantly gaining respect from their peers Isis had the opportunity to collaborate with musical heavyweights Tyree Cooper, Pharell and Junky XL. In 2009, break-through performances with Noreaga on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Perez Hilton’s SXSW Showcase supporting Kanye West launched her up into the stratosphere.


Fast forward to 2014 and Isis Salam, now residing in the epicentre of the electronic scene, Berlin, collided with the minds of German duo Kruse & Nuernberg. The first of many love child’s “Let Go” on Exploited is the first product from this encounter and sets a standard of what’s to come. Both born and raised in a rural area near Hamburg, Florian Kruse and Nils Nuernberg embrace the new breed of German artists who create bass-heavy, disco inflected house music, propagating a certain excitement and energy, that the world has been waiting for.


Published by Edition Exploited/Highscore Publishing.





João Brasil (João Henrique Martins Rodrigues)

It’s quiet likely that João Brasil, who made headlines in 2010 with his every-day-a-mashup-project “365” will be soon considered one of the big new talents of 2011. His summer anthem “L.O.V.E. Banana” features the glamourous front woman Lovefoxxx of CSS, who are about to release their third album on Sub Pop soon.


“L.O.V.E. Banana” by João Brasil is hot, it’s full of fun – and it’s from Brasil! And we are convinced it’s gonna be one of the major tunes of summer 2011. The EP comes with a funky Euro dance remix by Daniel Haaksman, an irresistible disco remix by Polish noveau Piano god Max Skiba, a dirty boogie version by Telonious of Gomma records fame and a Rio baile funk remix by DJ Edgar.




Joyce Muniz

On her first collaboration with Stereotyp and Edu K, Joyce turned heads the world over. With her seductive, yet airy voice, Joyce Muniz rode the ruff beats of Viennas riddim-meister like a vocal pro, excellently contrasting the Brazilian MC heavyweight Edu K. The recent vocal contributions to the KU BO project added the picture of Joyce Muniz as an outstanding MC and singer.


Born in 1983 in Sao Paulo, Joyce Muniz landed in Vienna in the mid Nineties. Having roots in rock and hip hop Joyce soon connected with the vibrant Viennese electronic music scene. In 2008 she contributed her vocals to the Cusmos (Herwig Kusatz ad Karl Möestls) track “Garoto,” which was released on the Kruder & Dorfmeister label G-stone before Joyce then collaborated with Flore, Buscemi and Skero. Her first solo release "Party Over Here" debuted November 2010 on Shir Khan's well known Exploited imprint and received massive DJ support throughout Europe, firmly establishing her as one to watch within the industry.






Ku Bo (Stefan Moerth)

Stereotyp released the first volume in the “Funk Mundial” vinyl series, released on Man Recordings in 2006. KU BO is the exciting new project by Vienna based Stereotyp. Known for his passion for Brazlian music and Afro beats as well as European club and bass culture, KU BO mixes the best of both worlds. Dark and sexy, with gutter drenching basslines, KU BO is the club oriented, voodooesque side of Stereotyp.








Lorenz Rhode

“Imagine Rick James dating Chaka Khan, dancing to Daft Punk and Technotronic, making sweetlove to a Stevie Wonder ballad, when suddenly a group of German robots and a Yellow Magic Orchestra come rushing into the hotel suite and….they all decide to go to France instead.” That’s how Dusseldorf’s Lorenz Rhode describes his sound and it’s pretty on spot. He blends Italo retroism with playfully proged-up synth lines to great effect, while he strips the instrumentation right down to a bare-bones sound that’s pure, krautrock-inspired synthesizer fun.


Following a tasty EP for Compost Records a few years back, Rhode was signed to the excellent Exploited Records label, where he has been busy producing a slew of brilliant cuts, including “Motor Cortex” (single of the month in Mixmag) and the current “Something Hot”-EP, which is absolute dynamite and got love from Top-DJS as A-Trak, Sinden, DJ Mehdi, Aeroplane, Breakbot and many more.


Published by Edition Exploited/Highscore Publishing.





MC Gringo (Bernhard H. H. Weber Ramos De Lacerda)

MC Gringo is the only Non-Brazilian, who has made his way to the top in baile funk scene of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Each weekend, the Stuttgart born German MC, who’s full name is Bernhard Hendrik Hermann Weber Ramos De Lacerda, performs on various baile funk parties all across Rio. Following the fantastic international response to his debut mini lp “Gringão”, MC Gringo released his EP MC “1 REAL – The Stereo MCs Remixes” and his 2nd single “Alemão”.








Munich based Schlachthofbronx stormed the hearts of a global audience with their irresistable, full-on party bangers that nurture from Jamaican Dancehall, Angolan Kuduro, Trinidad carnival sounds, Rio Baile Funk, Dirty South and Balkan beats all at once. Call it the trans world rave beat hotpotch, all mixed up in a hyper energetic, maximal dancefloor sound. After their critically acclaimed album on Disko B and extensive touring through Europe, the “Bronx Guys” returned with another slammin’ release – the “Ayoba EP” on Man Recordings.





Sinden (Graeme Sinden)

Graeme Sinden is a unique DJ and producer who has revitalised the club scene, staying one step ahead as musical boundaries become ever blurred. Sinden began making music around the time he forged a friendship with Dave “Switch” Taylor and was taken under his wing to learn the production game. Together they began to create progressive hip-hop, dancehall beats and other unclassifiable rhythms.


His production technique has further evolved in his collaboration with Joshua Harvey, aka The Count (aka Herve), on their project The Count & Sinden. Their single “Beeper” was a crossover club smash which built on the success of early release Tamborzuda.




Sirens Of Lesbos

Sirens Of Lesbos - The six piece collective claims to have its Kibbutz somewhere in the Aegean Sea. They want to spread mantras – musically uplifting and spiritually meaningful songs that inspire you to embrace life in all its forms; that make you dance in your fantasy or in the real world.


Their acclaimed debut single «Long Days, Hot Nights», a balearic ode to the spirit of summer, can be seen as the first deep breath of a game-changing meditation. ‘Take a break from your every day hustle and read Jeremy Rifkin‘s «The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World».


After you have read two thirds of the book, you’ll be ready to embrace the future. At this point, put on our «Long Days, Hot Nights» and let yourself go. Oceanic feelings of joy will make you explode. The so released energy will help to change the world into a place of goodness.




So Shifty (Till Schumann, Philip Meckseper)

So Shifty are from Hamburg, Germany. Their remixes for Beware+Motorpitch's "El Toro" as well as their remix of El Dusty's 3ball hit "K Le Pasa" have been on heavy rotation around the world for a while and recent remixes for No Doubt, Busy Signal, I-Octane, Chan Dizzy, Popcaan, Shal Marshall and others have been popping up left, right and centre.


On of their first original releases was "Rumba" which featured the mighty Cuban trio Madera Limpia. The Cuban singers contributed an amazing song to the waist-shaking beats of So Shifty. Call it a summer hit or simply a big, tropical tune that fuses Reggaeton rhythm patterns with contemporary Moombah sounds.


So Shifty's follow up was “Rude Gal” featuring Paco Mendoza. For “Rude Gal”, the much-in-demand tropical duo from North Germany has produced a big reggaeton tune, which features Germany’s currently biggest Spanish speaking singer, Paco Mendoza from Berlin. Getting heavy rotation on many radio stations worldwide, this song was a 2013 summer anthem.





The Unlimiters

The eclectic legacy of Jamaican music has continued to create a wide variety of new musical impulses over the last five decades. Whether Ska, Reggae, Dub or Dancehall – the small Caribbean island has continually produced entirely new genres of music that reflect the struggles, successes and great ingenuity of its people. Inspired by new production technologies and cultural shifts, Jamaican music never ceases to bear new fruits.


With their self entitled debut album, The Unlimiters have taken up this tradition with the aim of forging new paths. The eight-piece set from Berlin is largely inspired by early Ska, a style of music created at the beginning of the 1960s when Calypso merged with Jazz and Rhythm n Blues to form a unique and home-grown Jamaican sound that is still exemplified by unforgettable artists such as The Skatalites and Prince Buster.


The Unlimiters… eight people, eight-and-a-half instruments – teamed up in Berlin’s underground to unleash their smart and bouncing beats and harmonies to the dancefloor – probably right in your neighborhood, so watch out!




Urulu (Taylor Freels)

Los Angeles-based Urulu fuses inner-city influences with worldly sounds. His production is demonstrative of his light-hearted attitude and an admiration for cultural electronic music. From his production to his DJ-sets, the West-Coast sultry vibe that Urulus music brings is infectious.


Utilizing a combination of cerebral, haunting vocal samples, which are the product of endless hours of late-night YouTube digging, and infusing luscious deep chords and low-slung basslines, Urulu strikes the balance between post-modern dancemusic and soulful 90s house.

With evocative and emotive productions showcasing a stripped back, classic feel, Urulu’s sounds are a throwback to the lost generation of smoother groove-makers.


Published by Edition Exploited/Highscore Publishing.





WILDLIFE! first gained public attention for his unanimously praised musical productions on Terry Lynn's debut album "Kingstonlogic 2.0". He continued making waves with his signature dancehall influenced take on contemporary 'bass music' with remixes for the likes of The Very Best, Poirier, The Dø, Marina & The Diamonds and released his debut EP "Jumbie" in Fall 2009. With sudden and strong support from key DJ's all across the globe, "Jumbie" had dancefloors bubbling for well over a year.

After hitting hard with similar uptempo club material, like the 135 bpm smasher "Metazoa", released on Buraka Som Sistema's Enchufada label, WILDLIFE! dropped “Buckup”, his second outing for Phree Music in late 2010. The EP changed gears to roll across dancehall's golden eras, with legends Sammy Dread and Major Mackerel re-licking some of their biggest tunes that had the scenes on lock in the 80's and 90's, plus new era vanguard Terry Lynn paying tribute to the times by flipping an Ini Kamoze classic into her own genre-bending monster. Accompanied by remixes from heavyweights like L-VIS 1990, French Fries and Adam Port “Buckup” made a lot of noise both sides of the atlantic, and set the stage for more.